18th weekly post, pager and comments.

Also, Hydrogen.

Nov 14, 2021

A doodle of a Digivice with the word eighteen in Chinese, Malay, and English on the left.

Items of the week

  • Git - the --no-pager option can prevent git from piping output to a pager, this option could be useful for logging in a CI environment, e.g. git --no-pager log. More info available on git documentation page.

  • JavaScript - the block comment syntax /* */ comes from the PL/I language. The pairs were used in PL/I because their occurrence is unlikely but they can appear in JS regex literals, thus making them unsafe for commenting out blocks of code. Got this from chapter 2 of JavaScript: The Good Parts.

  • On the week 45 of 2021, we saw the release of developer preview of Hydrogen - a React-based framework from Shopify focused on building custom storefronts, it ships with built-in components and Tailwind CSS. More info can be found on its announcement post on Shopify blog.

A little note

Looking at the reviews and benchmarks of the new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro/Max, the single core performance improvement over the much cheaper M1 MacBook Air seems negligible. So, other hardware features aside, they are only better options (performance-wise) if you need more performance cores or much, much faster graphics. That’s all for this week’s post, thank you for reading and have a nice day!