I'm Long

Software Developer

Greeting in three languages.

I like well designed software applications, or any beautifully crafted works in general. While open to new platforms, languages, and frameworks, I am currently into web development, more specifically JavaScript, HTML, CSS and their related technology like Node.js, React, etc. Besides that, I also enjoy messing around with responsive web design (like this little personal website of mine) and mobile app development.

Long - is my surname and that is usually how I introduce myself because the full name is difficult to remember. YC are the initials of my given name – Yong Chong. Born and raised in Malaysia, I liked drawing and science as a kid and always thought I would become a comic artist or a scientist but I eventually find my interest in technology and graduated with a B.I.T. in Computer Engineering after diving a little into electronics and computer science. I like how technology expands our capabilities, allows us to accomplish things that we never thought we could - just like magic.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Clarke, A. C. (1973). Profiles of the Future (Rev. ed.). Harper & Row.