24th weekly post, cladding interface.

Also, 2022?

Dec 26, 2021

A doodle of a snowman with the number 2021 on the left.

Items of the week

  • TypeScript - a main distinction between interface and type aliases is that declaration merging is possible for interfaces, e.g. new fields can be added to an existing interface with an additional declaration of the said interface. This is documented in the official TypeScript handbook.

  • Serverless - CLAD is a model to think about Serverless security - Code, Library, Access, and Data. One useful perspective is to treat each function as a perimeter to be secured instead of a single application. Got that from chapter 3 of Serverless Security.

  • On the week 51 of 2021, we saw that the introduction of :has() CSS pseudo-class support in Safari Technology Preview Release 137, more details in the release note.

This is weekly bite-sized post on web app development from JavaScript to UX and technology in general, started in July 2021, with this one being the last post of the year. Not sure if this is something I want to continue into 2022 but there’ll definitely be change in the format and frequency at the very least, hopefully for the better. Thank you for reading and have a great new year ahead!