21st weekly post, memory search.

Also, EC2 M1.

Dec 5, 2021

A doodle of a PlayStation Memory Card with the number 21 on the left.

Items of the week

  • Node.js - we could get an object describing the memory usage of a Node.js process using process.memoryUsage(). The numbers returned represent the usage in bytes, as described in the official documentation page.

  • Design - a content is what a user needs right now, regardless of what a search form is designed for. If it’s not feasible to have a universal search, label a search form explicitly, e.g. Search products. Got that from chapter 6 of Form Design Patterns.

  • On the week 48 of 2021, AWS announced the preview of EC2 M1 Mac instances. There is an official blog post on this with details on pricing and example usage.

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