Hi, I’m Long.

I often introduce myself with my surname – Long (it means dragon) because I have a difficult-to-remember name. YC are the initials of my given name – Yong Chong, and there comes the confusion on the first name and last name of Chinese names. So, just Long; or usually LongYC on social networking websites.

Who & What

I am a Software Developer who likes well designed software applications (or any beautifully crafted works). While open to new languages, I’m currently into Java, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. When I am not messing around with some API, I am probably busy messing up some UI of mobile apps or responsive websites.

Where & Why

I was born and raised in Malaysia – a lovely tropical country in South East Asia. I liked drawing and science as a kid and always thought I would become a comic artist or a scientist. I eventually find my interest in computer technology and graduated with a B.I.T. in Computer Engineering which study involves electronics and computer science. I like how technology, when developed and used properly, expands our capabilities to accomplish things that we never thought we could; pretty much like magic. To quote Sir Arthur Charles Clarke:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.