Hi, I’m Long, a Software Developer

who codes (duh!), doodles & runs.

Why is it LongYC?

I usually introduce myself with my surname – Long (it means dragon) because I have a difficult to remember Chinese name. As you might have guessed, YC are the initials of my given name – Yong Chong.

A little introduction.

I’m a software developer who likes well designed and maintainable software applications. While I’m open to new languages and frameworks, I’m generally interested in Java, Android, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Despite never attended any art or design classes, I enjoy occasional drawing (or more precisely, doodling). When I’m not messing around with some API, I’m probably busy messing up some UI, be it mobile apps or responsive websites.

If you want to know more.

I was born and raised in Malaysia – a lovely tropical country in South East Asia. My childhood ambition was to become a comic artist, an inventor or a scientist. But life is unpredictable, my interest expanded into computer related technology and I graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology in Computer Engineering which study involves electronics and computer science.

I am generally better with software development although I still read about electronic hardware and general technology. I like how technology, when developed and used properly, expands our capabilities to accomplish things that we never could, pretty much like magic. To quote Sir Arthur Charles Clarke:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

That should be all, welcome to my personal website! Feel free to get in touch with me on the social websites listed in the footer below.