Team Malaysia Fan Run 2016

21 KM of Putrajaya and Raya

Jul 17, 2016

Team Malaysia Fan Run finisher medals since year 2014.

It started two years ago, first 10 KM run at Team Malaysia Fan Run 2014 and then 15 KM at Team Malaysia Fan Run 2015. This year, joining for the third time, I went for 21 KM half marathon which seems to be a first for TM Fan Run.

Things Are Getting Better

The event went quite well, the flag off time was 6 AM, one hour earlier compared to last year so those who could not run fast (like me) can take less heat from the morning sun. Also, the ribbon bar of the finisher medal is reverted back to the red-white-blue stripes which I find way better than the one with TM logo used last year. While most organisers will provide singlets instead of runners-T for half marathons, it is not the case with TM Fan Run; not that I have any problem with that because I have always liked the design and this year’s got Olympic rings on it. Besides, runners can wear the attire they prefer anyway - there were quite a number of runners in Baju Melayu, it’s the month of Hari Raya Puasa!

Team Malaysia Fan Run 2016.

Go Team Malaysia

For the past two years of TM Fan Run I joined, the theme had always been showing support to Malayisan athletes participating in major sport events; it was for Incheon Asian Games for 2014 and SEA Games for 2015. This year’s race was no exception and in fact, this year’s game is none other than the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. So, may our Malaysian athletes able to perform at their peaks on the world stage, go Team Malaysia!

Team Malaysia Fan Run Runners-T 2014 to 2016.