Lost in Malaysian Unity Run 2015

10 KM around Putrajaya Wetlands Park

Dec 12, 2015

Runners gather at the starting point during Malaysian Unity Run 2015.

It was a chilly morning, I arrived at the Putrajaya Wetlands Park around 7 A.M. There were already a crowd, most were in the official light blue shirts of todays’s event - Malaysian Unity Run 2015. The colour was a good match for the clear sky. I had warm-up just like many other pumped up runners there.

A Peaceful Start

As the flag-off time drew nigh, people started to gather at the start point. After the usual speeches and stretching, the 12 seconds countdown started on 12th December morning. There was no air horn, the run started at 8 A.M. The course was nice, it was one of the reasons I signed up - greeneries and a good mixture of road and trail.

The Amazing Race

The atmosphere changed when many participants, myself included, were lost. There was no marshals at junctions, runners were split into groups. The group I was in missed the only water station and passed through a highway under the hot sun while some others ended up running more than the intended 10 KM. Fortunately, everyone managed to find their way back safely.

Malaysian Unity Run 2015 finisher medal.

Fun But Not Cool

Most runners were still quite cheered by the end of the event and the organizer apologized for the incident. While I liked the environment and the medal looks quite decent plus there were some lucky draws alongside the prize giving ceremony, it’s no excuse for the oversight, things could have ended up real bad. I could still say I enjoyed the run only because no one was harmed. After all, there are only so many runs where you could venture into unknown paths with other runners.