Team Malaysia Fan Run 2015

15 KM of Putrajaya, Hot Sun and Fans

Jun 2, 2015

Team Malaysia Fan Run 15 KM finisher medal.

About half a year ago, I had my first 10 KM run at Team Malaysia Fan Run 2014. This year, on 31st May, I went back for more – 15 KM. Overall, the run was enjoyable although there were a few little disappointments with both the event and myself.

Hot Sun & Asphalt

Flag-off time for the 15 KM category was 7 A.M. - it was very unlikely for most participants to make it within one hour but strong sun shines came after eight and there was not much trees to provide shade along the course at Putrajaya. The view was nicer compared to last year’s Dataran Merdeka but hardly worth the heat. Hopefully the organiser would consider to start at 6 A.M. or earlier for future events.

Team Malaysia Fan Run 2015 15 KM starting.

Less Impressive Medal

While the tiger strips Team Malaysia T-shirt that I liked still look as unique as ever, the finisher medal feels a little over-designed compared to last year’s. This can be very subjective but the ribbon bar definitely looks worse; the three colours stripes has been replaced with logos of Telekom Malaysia and the hook is gone. Last year’s medal is still one of my favourites.

Team Malaysia Fan Run Medals 2014 vs 2015.

Could Not Run Much

I expected myself to handle this one better after running regularly for almost a year but the result turned out to be worse compared to last year’s 21 KM half marathon. I ended up walking most of the time after the first 10 KM and my legs threatened to cramp. Perhaps it was the heat or the uphills but in any case it means I need more trainings; After all, I am going for a full marathon this year.

Team Malaysia Fan Run 2015 at Putrajaya.

All in all, while last year’s run felt a bit better organized, this year’s Team Malaysia Fan Run is still a very happening event and the theme song – “Gemuruh Suara” still rocks as ever. I hope I will be able to join for the third time next year; and as always, all the best to all Malaysian athletes, this time it is for the SEA Games 2015! Go Team Malaysia!