Surprise Meeting Uncle Chuan

The Star from The Journey

May 30, 2015

With Uncle Chuan from The Journey.

There was a crew shooting a movie at the park where I have my usual evening runs – I approached, I saw him, I shamelessly asked for a photo with Uncle Chuan (Frankie Lee) from The Journey which I watched twice in theaters.

It must not have been easy for him – an English speaker who could not read Chinese to act as a Cantonese-speaking father that does not understand English well in the film; not to mention it was his first movie but the man in his 70s, against all odds, made it anyway and became a rising local actor.

In case if you are not aware, The Journey (一路有你) is currently the highest grossing Malaysian film; it is a family movie about a series of heart-warming events of a conservative Chinese Malaysian father went through when his daughter brought back a British fiancé.