DiGi Challenge for a Change

Mobile Apps Hackathon

Apr 9, 2013

DiGi Challenge For A Change hackathon.

Last week, I attended HACK!@DGCFC – a 36-hour mobile apps hackathon organized by DiGi in conjunction with the ongoing DiGi Challenge For A Change (DGCFC) mobile apps development competition. The event was held right at the telecommunication company’s headquarters in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Multi-platform Hackathon

Before I continue to write, let me just say it was a really nice event. One great thing about the hackathon was that it gathered software developers from different platforms because the competition was not limited to any mobile platform; apps can be built with Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone or HTML5, there was even a participant who developed on Nokia Asha. The demonstration session was a great showcase of current popular mobile platforms where you could see ideas being implemented on different systems and it was very exciting to see how the apps were made to utilize technology found on modern smartphones like Near Field Communication (NFC), accelerometer and gyro-sensor.

DGCFC hackathon for all mobile platforms.

Everything Thrown In

The hackathon was not all about coding, designing or free food (okay, maybe more or less about the free food), there were video games (Kinect and steering wheel included), basketballs, table tennis, futsal and the gym was open to everyone. Not to mention there was an amazing internet connection provided with speed up to 150Mbps which the network team challenged the participants to bring it down. That of course did not happen; perhaps everyone was too busy hacking their apps. There were talks by various speakers from different industries throughout the hackathon and I really enjoyed the great late-night chat with some of the cool guys there about recruitment, software developments, video games and everything in between. Oh, there was a brief detour of the headquarters too and it seems like a really nice place to work.

DiGi headquaters yard.

It’s Worth The Weekend

It was a weekend well spent, the whole fun and eye-opening experience totally worth the sleepless night. The winning teams of the mini challenges even walked away with Nokia Lumnia 920 and Blackberry Z10. Below is a picture of the “hackathon finishers” taken from a Tweet by DiGi (I guess I cheated a little because I joined on Saturday while the event started on Friday night). It was a really cool event, the coolness was like having a cup of free ice-cream 4 A.M. in the morning inside an air-conditioned room.

DGCFC Hackathon finishers.