Life in a Different Light

Thoughts After Losing My Father

Mar 31, 2013


Life can be very difficult to cope with at times and life plans do not always go exactly as planned. Indeed, life was very different, or rather, difficult for me a few months ago – my father was diagnosed with a terminal cancer mid last year and his health went downhill ever since then. In November, the inevitable eventually came - he passed away. Those days have been so far the worst in my life. It has been a few months since the funeral; the grief is slowly being healed by time but the agonizing memory still strikes now and then.

The last few months of my father’s life and his death has changed me and my view on life in many ways. It was a cold splash of reality that reminds me what really matters; something that seems to matter so much during everyday life are not necessary the more important things in life. When my father was sick, I gave up my job in the city to work at a smaller company near my home town so that I could take care of him. The sudden change was not easy to deal with at first, mostly because of my ego. I felt frustrated because I earn much lesser than my peers who moved to bigger firms and I felt left behind as things move forward in the fast-paced big city. But I knew I must stay because regretting not spending more time with my family would be much worse than this.

Many months passed by, my tolerance with the change have slowly become acceptance, in fact, I could see myself learned many things that I would have never learnt so soon. I am still in the progress of rediscovering my bearing, there are still a lot of efforts needed but things are looking better now. If there is one thing I learned, it would be that there is no promise that everything will be all right after a storm but there is no escape in life, you just have to face it and get through it. Whatever comes after, you would not want to regret that you have not tried hard enough. Last but not the least; cherish your loved ones.